Small Business Voices: Maryland Entrepreneur Can Now Afford Health...


*** Learn more at and *** Before the Affordable Care Act, Jamal Lee, owner of Breasia Studios in Laurel, Maryland, says he could not afford healthcare for himself and his family, let alone his employees. Now he can. “This is huge to our business and thousands of businesses across the country. I believe the word needs to get out about the law’s benefits because awareness is paramount.” ABOUT THIS SERIES Small business has been a key focus of the presidential election, with a host of issues being raised about various policies and how they would affect our chief job creators. A package of videos featuring small business owners from across the country is being released today on many of the issues the candidates have raised during the debates, including the “Bush tax cuts,” healthcare reform, clean energy and more. Each small business owner discusses his or her views on a particular issue and what they think policymakers should do to help other small business owners in their state and across the country. The videos, created by Small Business Majority and the Center for American Progress, feature small business owners from Colorado, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, New York, Oregon and Virginia.