Small Business Phone System - Free Yourself


Ditch the Desk, Fax, Landline and go mobile with the help of this small business phone system. Try it for 30 You don’t need to feel stuck at a desk if you try a new small business phone system. It gives you the best chance at breaking free from the old desk jockey mode and running a business on the go. This virtual phone system may sound airy fairy, but it is a robust system build on awesome technology. This is a great opportunity for small businesses to have the tools of the big guy. You will get a secretary(auto attendant), call forwarding(my favorite part), internet fax, special hold music and more features than you can shake a stick at. It’s unreal. I recommend giving this affordable system a try. I mean $25/month for your own secretary is amazing. I ran over 1 million dollars in sales through this small business phone system routing calls to my cell phone and delivering industry leading tech support. The presales support I was able to give was awesome as well. If only I could find a good ‘ve been though so many. The cheap ones always seem to work. Anyway, give yourself a chance to run a remote or mobile business with an official and high end phone system. You can setup your own extension and have a couple of other amazing features like missed call reporting and voice to text for voicemails. Click through the link above for a 30 day free trial. I also have a 6 minute video on how to set it all up. Pretty slick and easy for novice software folks. The company has good tech support as well, so if you get stuck, you won’t be alone. Ok, good luck and God bless.