Sig Sauer P250 Sub Compact with Rail


Please bear with me as this the first time I am attempting to contribute a firearm video to YT. This is just another review for the P 250 and I’m trying to be honest and not so Sig biased. So far I am impressed with the gun overall, but as I find things that I don’t like I will try to report back. Also, FYI, I wanted the “rail” version more for aesthetics, it just finishes off the look. -Con- The price, for an EDC it is more than what I wanted to pay$ for a SC, but that’s Sig Sauer for you. —————- Also, when I begin to talk about how the gun has no safety, I am not trying to knock down all the other guns with safeties. What I meant to say was, without the extra safety mechanisms in the gun, it is less complex and straight to business. I can’t wait to hit the range again, I really want to put some rounds through it, mag dumps, Stay safe and happy shooting!

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