OpenBVE HD: New York City Subway R160A Alstom ONIX AC Propulsion...


Riding the E train between 34th Street Penn Station and Queens Plaza every day to work enables me to take the existing R160A / R160B Alstom motor sounds for OpenBVE and adjust the inverter frequency changes to the proper speeds that they change at in real life. This is the final product. Clip is of the R160 Alstom propulsion placed in an R153 body operating the full F Train route from Coney Island to Jamaica – 179th Street. Included at the end is the score I received for operating the route. Not too bad, if I say so myself. You can download this pack here: +NYCT+R160A+-+R160B+Alstom+ONIX+Motor+Sound+Mod+ Install instructions and credits are in the file.