Hmm - Buick TV Commercial 2014, Kevin Bacon Voice Over


The Garcias bought a new Buick, it just doesnt look like a Buick. I DO NOT Own copyrights to this Best Commercial 2014. This channel is just to share the information about the product with others. Any Copy Right Infringement, please email me and video will be removed. Advertiser Buick Ad URL Mood Active Brian Maillard – Actor/Actress – Plays Neighbor looking through window Kevin Bacon – Actor/Actress – Voice Over Subscribe to the channel for more updates to help find this compilation: super bowl doritos commercial, super bowl b commercial budweiser 2014, super bowl ads 2014, funniest super bowl commercials 2014, top 10 super bowl commercials, super bowl xlviii ads, banned super bowl commercials 2014, funniest super bowl commercials of 2014, big game commercials 2014, top 10 funniest super bowl commercials, best ads super bowl 2014, super bowl xlviii funniest commercials,