Entry for XCure umbreonX


Name Fiammette Rabbit Heart Age 13 Personality Head strong, Easy to Anger, book girl, likes to write , Over protective of her Brother and Melissa lovinmelissa Mute Child Group Survivor Position in group Doctor Immune or not yes Likes reading, writing hanging out with Anteros / Her brother,eating pizza,night time , Animals, Forest , roses Dislikes Anyone who hurts Anteros, Melissa ,Daytime , Big Groups , Water , Animal’s blood/hurt Special Talent Making natrul medicane , Assassian skills Greatest Fear Anteros being hurt or killed Background before virus Fiammette is Orphaned Runaway who jumps from home to home until her big Brother Anteros Night Heart found her after searching for year when she first want missing and too her in and they lived togather and even want the same schools most kids made fun of Fiammette for being mute and having her older brother with at all times. This often Angered Fiammette & Anteros where they would get into fights so offten the schools had to Transfer them Fiammette had to go to a all girls Army type Acamey for her Anger, Anteros would go to the school and call out “marko” Outside her classroom winddow and wait to hear her “pollo” If She didnt he would sneak into the school to make sure she was ok. oddly enaugh to other kids this was the only time she spoke all day than would run outside as soon as the bell rang to go walk home with Anteros. Name Anteros Night Heart / Black , Green Eyes will upload more pichtures soon Age 18 Personality Silent,Kind,Stubborn, Gental And over protective of Fiammette, Hard to Anger,works out alot Group Survivor Position in group Cook Immune or not No Likes Hanging out with Fiammette,reading, writing,Night time Eating Itailn food Dislikes Anyone who hurts Fiammette, Daytime,People who repeat them selfs more than twice Special Talent hunting Greatest Fear Watching Fiammette Die Background before virus Anteros is alot like his Sister but alot harder to Anger but is not Recommened that anyone try, He is 5 years older than Fiammette But no one really knew he had a sister since he only taks if he has too or with Fiammette because of this little is known of both of them but Anteros had saved Fiammette from dieing on the streets after she ran away from her 3rd home when she was 12 and took her in He speaks for both of them because fiammette only writes ,shows flash card to speak. This Annoys Anteros alot of the time since she did speak years ago but everytime he asked she just shake her head no. When Fiammette Got sent to the Army School He skip School in the day time and wait for her outside the school and carried her home and want night school after she want to sleep but only to take test he did the rest at home. He didnt really get along with others again sorry for the lack of pics on Anteros his in first 4 pics in the video