Deadmau5 - Carbon Copy Cookie Cutter (HQ)


Ancix on FACEBOOK – SOUNDCLOUD – Dancing Astronaut – Call it a musical commentary on the heavily saturated mainstream of electronic music, or an expert level troll, but Deadmau5′s latest antics have produced an entire song. Though known for his obscure and often wildly random titles, “Carbon Copy Cookie Cutter” embodies exactly what the name explains. The beginnings of “Carbon Copy Cookie Cutter” began as a Tweet from Joel, explaining that he was “making some incredibly cheesy shit” and hinting that with just a few presets, his example of building and dropping EDM would be “Beatport ready” in no time. deadmau5 carbon copy cookie cutter full song HQ original mix avaritia While 2014 new song best electro house edm drop infra turbo pigcart racer seeya pets