Chrispher Lloyd puts Plutonium into the Reactor of my Delorean...


While attending the Delorean Car Show 2014 in Dayton Ohio, Christopher Lloyd who played “Doc Brown” in the epic film “BACK TO THE FUTURE” stops by to see my almost exacting replica of the Delorean Time Machine, he signed my screen used “Gray’s Sports Almanac” and then took a tour of my car, commenting that “It has everything, even the clock!” and then re-enacts the famous scene from the film where he puts Plutonium into the Reactor Chamber on the back of the car. My car was judged in a contest of all other “Time Machine Replicas” by both actors from the film and Quality Control Agents from Delorean Motor Company and it was awarded FIRST PLACE WINNER FOR BEST DELOREAN TIME MACHINE! * Thanks to Ken Montgomery for the additional video.