CGI VFX Student Spot HD: 'Audi: DriveTheFuture' Commercial W/Crytex...


Check out this “Audi Drive The Future W/Crytex” by the talented Jay Douglas! This project is unique in that nearly every shot is a VFX composite of live action over really cool 3D concept images/mattes. Jay also built the practical set of a docking station. For more information, please see the details and credit below: Info– Shot on a Cannon 5D. Timeframe: Docking Station Set Build: 1 month, Post Production: 4 months. This concept was an experiment in VFX compositing live action over futuristic-themed matte paintings. We had a blast shooting it!!! Credits: Written & Directed by Jay Douglas Starring: Scott Riffe – Audi Pilot/Driver Savannah Polisar – SkyScanner 114/Passenger – Alan Pimento – Air Transit Authority Peter Lancucki – Air Transit Authority Cliff Riggs – Blasted Technician Matte Paintings by: Andrée Wallin, Stefan Morrell, JP Räsänen Rudolf Herczog, Derek Burris 2D VFX: Bob Leathers – Rotoscoper/Compositor/Animator – Tech Room, Docking Station 114 – Shake & After Effects Momcilo Stojkovic – Compositor/Animator – Screens, Mother Ship Hanger, Girl – After Effects Cody Plummer – Compositor/Animator – Moving Hallways – After Effects Jay Douglas – Time Remapping/Rotoscope Repair – After Effects & Photoshop 3D VFX: Dexter Saulisbury – 3D Animator/Compositor – Audi Future Ship, Fly Sequence – Maya Christopher Hollar – Modeling/Texturing – Audi Future Ship – 3D Max Strike Vector – Animated 3D Environment – Ship Chase – Steam 5D Camera Operators: Frank Agolia, Tim Ford Production Coordinators: Nav Gupta, Jack Valencia, Neetu Sharma, Sonia Pimento Data/File Management: Mike Callahan Catering: Kris Hart’s Cyber Bellies Music: “The Recipe” by Cryptex “Slay it” by Cryptex (Behind the Scenes) Studio Location: Shutterstories Studios – Riverside, CA Subscribe to TheCGBros and don’t miss out on more amazing Breakdowns!