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Calculate Your Carbon Footprint Here: A carbon footprint calculator can determine our carbon footprint which is defined as “a combined quantity of greenhouse gas emissions caused by organizations, people, events or products.” Greenhouse gases are often emitted through most forms of transport, during the production and consumption of food, from fuels, from manufacturing and other services. In simple terms, it is often expressed in terms of the amount of carbon dioxide emitted. The majority of carbon footprint emissions for the average western home come from an “indirect” source, for example fuel is burned during the production of consumer goods. Such carbon emissions are differentiated from emissions which come directly from burning fuel directly in the family car or by using the oven, usually referred to as “direct” sources of our carbon footprint. “The concept name of the carbon footprint originates from ecological footprint, discussion, which was developed by Rees and Wackernagel in the 1990s which estimates the number of “earths” that would theoretically be required if everyone on the planet consumed resources at the same level as the person calculating their ecological footprint. However, carbon footprints are much more specific than ecological footprints since they measure direct emissions of gasses that cause climate change into the atmosphere”. Source: Planet earth retains heat in the atmosphere which ensures temperatures remain constantly quite low. For us this means we have fresh air to breath, clean water and stable weather conditions. However, we continue to burn fuels which emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, this will eventually cause the earth’s temperature to rocket — this is widely known as global warming. There are many groups within society interested in offsetting their carbon foot print and recently we have seen a carbon footprint calculator for kids, a carbon footprint calculator for college students, business carbon footprint calculators, carbon footprint calculator for food. Do you know what your carbon footprint is? You should really take a few moments to calculate what you are responsible for and consider offsetting your foot print to help keep tomorrow clean for your children and their children. Of course each of us all have a different footprint depending on how we live, how we travel and ultimately what we do to help combat the current CO2 problem. Share this video: carbon footprint calculator carbon footprint carbon footprint calculator for kids carbon footprint calculator for college students business carbon footprint calculator carbon footprint calculator epa carbon footprint definition carbon footprint calculator download ecological footprint calculator carbon footprint calculator for food