Cairns Affordable Car Rentals Customer Speaks About Their Car...


Some of the customers that Cairns Affordable Car Rentals hire out their cars to write in or send a card, today we got this video testimonial from a customer who had come over from the UK on a holiday. We remember him and his family because they showed us many photos on their camera of some of the sight seeing they had been able to do and as he also says in his video here his daughter was totally thrilled because she got to hug a koala he did say that she wanted to take it home but after some explaining by the rangers at the zoo she did leave her koala there! We love it when our customers give us feedback because it means we can tweak our customer service to make it better all the time! So if you have a video you want to send in please do to info@ we will put it on our blog at Don’t forget you can always leave us a review on facebook to! you can find us here or do you like twitter better? no problem we are there too! We hope to see you soon!