Best Cheap DIY Engine Cleaning Tips (Motorcycle & Truck also)


Best Cheap DIY Engine Cleaning Tips (Motorcycle & Truck also) A clean engine or any mechanical tractor, etc is a lot easier to work on. Simply hook up the hot water to the pressure water with some T-fitting and quick shut-off valves and quick-disconnect couplers,. The toughest part is degreasing oil and dirt that has been on something for many years. You don’t need fancy, expensive products. All you need is extra hot water. I keep the hot water turned way up to 200 degrees F. so this pressure washer will really blast through anything with using chemical and get anything extremely clean. Whether you are a DIY weekend mechanic and want to clean the engine or parts or are involved in a full restoration, cleaning parts, engines or assemblies with hot steam water under pressure is an easy safe,cheap and solvent-free way to clean anything thoroughly and get it grease and dirt free.