Automotive Detailing Tip: Cleaning your Vehicles Engine Compartment


DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!! IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A CLUE OR YOU HAVE ANY DOUBTS ON DOING THIS YOURSELF, CONSULT A PROFESSIONAL OR SEND ME A MESSAGE!!! I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE YOU DO TO YOUR VEHICLE! Twice a year is what I recommend with this a garden hose, a paint brush, and simple green, you can make your engine compartment look like it just rolled out of the showroom for years to come! the benefits of cleaning your engine compartment are the following. 1. the reduction of dirt and grime inside the engine compartment greatly reduces the risk of dirt getting clogged in the intake 2. longer air filter life 3. your hands are not instantly dirty when you go to work on your vehicle enjoy! I am based out of northern suburban Pittsburgh, If you would like me to detail your vehicle, I charge $80 for subcompact vehicles up to mid sized crossovers, and $100 for full size trucks and SUVs, and I MUST keep your car overnight. send me a message for more!