2015 Audi A3 Sedan First Drive - Car Biography


2015 Audi A3 Sedan First Drive – Car Biography From the driver’s seat of the 2015 Audi A3, it’s easy to play favorites. This new most affordable sedan in the Audi lineup has the best in-car interface—and perhaps the best combination of connectivity and clean-interface information management—of all the premium compact sedans. Option one with the MMI Navigation Plus system, and with the new Audi Connect system that includes embedded 4G LTE high-speed data connectivity, you can dial in quick-interacting Google Earth maps, traffic info, and even Street View images of your destination—and enter that destination, accurately tracing a letter at a time, without having to deal with voice commands. And that, while you even share your data connection with passengers. While MMI, and this car’s near-flawless, latency-free infotainment, completely won us over (as well as its super-clean interface overall)—it’s truly this new compact sedans ‘killer app’—it was the rest of the car that we emerged feeling only lukewarm about. The reality is that the A4 family—arguably the model that truly brought Audi back from a deathwatch in the nearly 20 years ago—has moved up in size (and it’s moved upscale). So to tease out more aspirational entry-luxury buyers in the (and in China, as well as other markets), Audi is this time making the A3 a full family of vehicles—including Sedans, a convertible, and yes, a wagon-like Sportback, which was the only style offered to the the last time around.