The 1979 models continued the styling changes on all manufactured trucks by the company. The design provided essentially a bigger truck with a squarish shape and significant passenger cabin room versus models from earlier decades. Two-tone color designs were a common offering with truck packages sold by Chevy dealers. High-end models came with wood grain inserts inside the truck cabin, while basic interior furniture consisted of plastic and vinyl. The antennae system was incorporated into the windshield and the window glass was shaped, rather than flat, as in earlier trucks. Six-cylinder engines were available in either 250- or 292-cubic inch size. These lower-end machines came stock in C-10 and K-10 trucks. Their torque produced 175 and 225 lbs. per foot of pull at 2,000 revolutions per minute at 100 horsepower. The eight-cylinder engines came in three sizes ranging from 307-cubic inches, producing 115 horsepower, to a 454 model producing 240 horsepower. This example shown here has that big 454. The torque produced ranged from a bottom performance of 205 lbs. moved per foot at 2,000 revolutions per minute to 355 lbs. per foot at 2,800 revolutions per minute. I think these Silverado’s are so cool looking for a workaday pickup truck. Great style features abound. I like that ” beveled ” dash where the gauges are in front of the driver and easily seen. Trim on this truck, inside and out, add a nice touch as well as the fancy ” pinstripe ” running the length of the truck body. Notice the very clean and like new engine compartment. The Silverado here is a real good looker and personally, if I wanted a truck from the seventies, it would be a Chevy Silverado. Thanks very much for viewing.