The Jeep Wagoneer was the first luxury 4×4, sold and produced through numerous marques from 1963 to 1991. A “sport utility vehicle”, or SUV, for decades before the term was even coined, the 4WD Wagoneer saw only minor mechanical changes during its 28-year plus production run, the third longest in US automotive history. The Wagoneer pioneered the sport utility vehicle marketplace, the most car-like 4×4 in spite of its massive boxy shape. Compared with offerings from International Harvester and Land Rover — which were producing utilitarian work-oriented vehicles with spartan truck-like interiors — the Wagoneer’s luxury set it apart. Based on the Jeep SJ platform, the revolutionary Wagoneer sported an advanced overhead cam inline 6 cylinder, and offered features unheard of at the time in any other 4WD vehicle such as power steering and automatic transmission. The Wagoneer made its debut seven years before Land Rover launched its Range Rover in Great Britain, and 24 years before that upscale marque appeared in the United States. It was succeeded by the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Wagoneers received a new front end, with eggcrate grille, for 1966. The 1966 model year also saw the introduction of the more luxurious Super Wagoneer, initially with a higher-performance 270 hp. version of the AMC V8, fitted with a four-barrel carburetor. With comfort and convenience features not standard on other vehicles of its type at the time – push-button radio, seven-position tilt steering wheel, ceiling courtesy lights, air conditioning, power tailgate, power brakes, power steering, and console-shifted TH400 automatic transmission — the Super Wagoneer is now widely regarded as the precursor of today’s luxury SUVs. Production of the Super Wagoneer ended in 1969. I still see some olf Wagoneer’s around town which to proves how durable and reliable these Jeep’s were. Thanks very much for viewing this 1966 Jeep Wagoneer.